Art With Cause

a beautiful way to make a difference.
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You buy the Art.

Acquiring original, hand-made, fine art turns you into an Art Collector & Philanthropist with the push of a button.

The Art funds Charities.

Every edition is inspired by a different Charity. For every piece sold, $100 is donated to the specific Nonprofit that inspired the piece.

Everybody wins.

For the price of a night out on the town, you can acquire original artwork and help charities actively work to make the world better.
All in a single purchase.

Making a difference has never been easier.


In a single purchase, you become an original art collector.


And you support the causes you're passionate about.


And you make an actionable, tangible, difference in the world that you can point to and know you're responsible for making the world a bit better.

If This Is The Difference You Want To Make In The World

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